Reflective thermal insulation
Water-based glass insulation coating
Waterproof thermal insulation coating
Real stone, rock color imitation stone insulation coating
Waterborne building reflective insulation coating (color flat coating)
Ultra-thin metal plate heat reflective thermal insulation coating
Reinforced heat reflective thermal insulation coating
Conventional heat reflective thermal insulation coating
Main application areas

Widely used in all kinds of light oil tanks / low boiling point chemical tanks / pressure vessel tanks / grain and oil silos / base wine storage tanks / LPG ships

Main features

Heat reflection effect is obvious, cost-effective


DT TABERNACLE ? 2000-2016

OEM One-Stop Service for thermal insulation coating.
Products can be passed by wall inspection.
Technical specification for building solar -
reflective coating(thermal insulation coating).
Please consult 400-775-0275 for details.

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