The Chemical Engineering Association's Engineering Anti-corrosion Professional C

On April 13, the first working meeting of the Engineering Anti-corrosion Professional Committee of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association was held in Shanghai Datong Conference New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Datong Tabernacle”).


 Wang Qiong, deputy director of Shanghai Academy of Sciences, deputy director, deputy director of Shanghai Jianke Inspection, Yue Peng, chairman of Datong Conference, Yang Yuqi, Jotun Coatings Technology Manager Wang Yiran, Dow Chemical Technology Manager Shu Shujun Li Jie, secretary-general of the special committee, Yang Xia, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences, Hu Xiaozhen, manager of Shanghai Jianke Inspection Department, Zeng Shao, director of Shanghai Fuchen Chemical, and Chen Weilin, BASF technical manager, attended the meeting. Representatives from Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, Shanghai Institute of Coatings, Nanjing Gutian, Pompeje and other representatives attended the meeting. Zhang Jianyu, director of the association's office, Ye Yong and Huang Jialu, directors of the special committee, also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Secretary General Li Jie.


Lou Minggang, Secretary General of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association attended the meeting and delivered a speech, highlighting that: 1. The Engineering Anti-corrosion Professional Committee should pay attention to high-quality development, and build a leading group standard on the platform of the National Association Standards Pilot Unit of the Association for the Construction of Chemical Construction. National engineering anti-corrosion technology benchmark; 2, with the help of scientific research, give full play to the role of the special committee, integration, cross-border, comprehensive considerations in the formulation, design, procedures, construction and other aspects; 3, group standards reflect the concept of environmental protection, based on Shanghai, radiating the country, upgrading the industry, winning the right to speak and market opportunities.

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