"Military and civilian integration, create development" - Datong Taber

On October 22, 2018, the 5th Shanghai Navy and Civilian Technology Promotion Conference was held at the Shanghai International Sourcing Center. This conference centered on the theme of "co-integration of military and civilian integration, and enriching the country and strengthening the military and dreaming of the industry", showing a number of scientific and technological achievements of both military and civilian use.


Shanghai Datong Conference New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd., as a military-civilian dual-use product company, mainly demonstrated the outer surface of the missile launching box, the outer surface of the building, the outer surface of the chemical storage tank, and the outer surface of the special vehicle. Insulated "DT22 Series Insulation Coatings" and "DSF22 Wet Surface Anticorrosive Coatings" for wet surfaces, caverns, internal surfaces of sewage treatment tanks, etc.


 These two military and civilian high-tech products were exhibited and won the praise and recognition of the leaders and audiences at the scene. At the same time, everyone participated in the comparative test of the insulation effect of the products and fully affirmed them.


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