Applicable scope of epoxy glass flake anticorrosive coating

      Epoxy glass scale anti-corrosion coatings have been widely used in many occasions in our life. In order to help people to further understand the epoxy glass scale anti-corrosion coatings, we will popularize the application range of epoxy glass scale anti-corrosion coatings. Let's take a look. Let's go!

The epoxy glass flake coating should be used as a middle layer paint or a top coat to form a composite anti-corrosion layer with the corresponding epoxy primer. Epoxy glass flake coating is suitable for steel pipes with various corrosive conditions, various steel structures, storage tanks, container anti-corrosion, flue gas desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal equipment and flue inner lining of environmental protection projects, also suitable for various concrete The structure is anti-corrosion, anti-leakage and as a wear-resistant, anti-slip layer.

Epoxy glass scale anti-corrosion coating is suitable for anti-corrosion of buried and underwater steel pipelines and various steel structures. It is suitable for anti-leakage of various concrete structures and as a wear-resistant and anti-slip layer. It is also suitable for steel oil and water. The inner and outer walls of gas storage tanks and chemical containers are preserved. The epoxy coal tar pitch glass flake coating contains coal tar pitch and black. It is only suitable for the inner and outer walls of crude oil, heavy oil, sewage, gas storage tanks and chemical containers. Anti-corrosion of the inner wall of color petroleum products, benzene solvents and drinking water storage tanks. Solvent-free epoxy glass flake anti-corrosion coatings are suitable for long-term corrosion protection of steel structures or concrete under various severe corrosive environments, such as underground, water, sewage pools and substrates in contact with certain chemical media. At the same time, epoxy glass flake anti-corrosion coating is also particularly suitable for construction under poor ventilation environment. It can replace FRP and rubber lining or as a rubber material for lining glass cloth. Construction and maintenance are also convenient.

With the development of the national supply side reform, we believe that epoxy glass scale anti-corrosion coatings will be more and more recognized by the public sector, enterprises, individuals and other sectors of society, so the scope and use of epoxy glass scale anti-corrosion coatings The field will show an increasing trend.



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